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Every product and company has its own story. Well, here is ours…


EcoStadt Technologies, is a family-owned and operated business that began its life in 2012. It was a business born out of a culmination of years of hard work.


We were founded by Dr. Senrayan Ramasamy, who pioneered the research and commercial application of Neem Oil based pest control products and other organic products since the early 90’s. Now remember, this was a time when the phrase Organic was shrouded in confusion and misinformation. To top it off, the term Organic Insecticide made most growers laugh in disbelief and gawk at the price. However, since then he has created multiple successful brands that have displaced tens of thousands of gallons of chemical use. Most of all, we were even able to show conventional growers the benefit of combining biological control products with traditional synthetics to prevent pest resistance tendencies and increase product efficacy while also driving down grower costs.


Taking his vast knowledge in the arena of organic nutrient and pest control products, Dr. Sen founded EcoStadt Technologies in 2012 in order to provide high quality products in a more cost-effective manner. We pride ourselves in putting in the work and not cutting corners.


We are not some gimmicky brand that tries to find the easiest or cheapest way to produce a mediocre product. Instead, we source out the highest quality ingredients to go into each of our products. Most importantly, we source, formulate and package our products IN HOUSE in our own certified organic facility.


At EcoStadt Technologies, we strive in being the premier organic inputs brand in the industry. Now we know you hear that from everyone, but at EcoStadt we live it. We make and sell products that are firmly rooted in science and sustainability. If you promise to meet us halfway, we promise you will not be disappointed the products and customer service you will receive. Period.


While this ride for the past eight years has not been easy, we can sure as hell say it’s been worth it. Thank you for trusting us with any of your product needs!


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