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ECOWORKS EC™ is an all-natural, OMRI-Listed 4-in-1 insecticide, miticide, nematicide, and fungicide product.


Manufactured using 100% high quality neem seed kernels from selective regions from south India, ECOWORKS EC™ is formulated with cold pressed neem oil as the active ingredient and food grade formulation inerts. ECOWORKS EC™ is effective against powdery mildew, spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, thrips, fungus gnats, and plant diseases such as botrytis and pythium, making it a truly versatile pest control tool.


ECOWORKS is a balanced formulation which contains Azadirachtins, hundreds of neem limonoids, fatty acids, esters, and synergistic inerts for superior bioactivity.

The micro-emulsion formulation has good wetting and sticking qualities with impressive UV stability and residual activity.



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  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC - Certified as an organic crop input by OMRI and USDA-NOP.


    ZERO DAY PRE-HARVEST INTERVAL - Can be used until the day of harvest.


    MULTIPLE METHODS OF ACTION - Provides broad spectrum pest & disease control due to the multitude of active ingredients naturally occurring in cold-pressed neem oil. (incl. Azadirachtins, hundreds of neem limonoids, fatty acids, esters and other synergistic inerts.)


    ZERO CONTAMINATION - Every batch is thoroughly screened for any chemical contaminants to ensure utmost user & crop safety. ECOWORKS is exclusively manufactured in our in-house certified organic & neem-exclusive facility.


    EASE OF USE - ECOWORKS has a built-in emulsifier to ensure ease of use as well as improved bioactivity, crop burn prevention and enhanced wetting & sticking properties. 

  • Usage Instructions included with each bottle. 

    Recommended Use Rate: 

    10mL/Gallon for Foliar spray applications, 2-8mL/Gallon for soil drench or hydroponic applications. 


    For preventative use, use ECOWORKS EC™ every 7-10 Days. 


    For heavy infestations, use ECOWORKS EC™  every 5-7 Days. 

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